Friday, 29 May 2015

House : Exactly What Does Each and Every House Says?

Sun: First House indicates physical self, looks, fundamental disposition, behavior, common well-being.

Jupiter: Second House indicates finances, fluid assets, accumulation of prosperity, common family joy and happiness, meals & beverage, oral communication, religious status of knowledge, precious metals/gems, focus, and reliability and so on.

Mars: Third House indicates dedication, bravery, physical power, siblings, family and friends, neighbours, art, dance, drama, songs, tone of voice, music and singing, memory space, marketing communications, publishing and so on.

Moon: Fourth House indicates emotions, the mother, the house, feelings, as well as joy and happiness generally, educational training, understanding, fixed assets, hobbies and interests, free time, comforts, homes, water craft, motor vehicles.

Jupiter: Fifth House indicates cleverness, child, being pregnant, and inclination towards education/spiritual authorship.

Saturn, Mars: Sixth Home indicates services & a good defence, wellness or even temporary illnesses, competitors, rivals, competitors, litigation, opponents, violence, disasters in the opposite gender and so on.

Jupiter: Seventh Home indicates relationship, love extramarital affairs which includes extramarital, cohabitation, relationship such as associations, period of mate’s existence, company relationships, industry, foreign home and so on.

Saturn: Eighth Home indicates unfamiliar & the chronic, durability, hidden issues, scandalous conduct, shame, shyness, accusations, desire to have information about the unfamiliar or even magical issues, extravagance, unearned prosperity for example lotteries, wills, legacies, money through insurances statements and so on.

Jupiter, Sun: Ninth Home indicates good fortune & knowledge, lord, expert, viewpoint, religion, dad, connection with dad, employers, ethics, law, drama (correct action), long-distance journey, fortune, religious understanding & practices.

Mercury, Jupiter: Tenth Home means profession, existence objective, occupation, popularity, father’s status or even positioning on the planet, father’s health and long life, righteous actions, compassion and so on.

Sun: Eleventh Home means business opportunities, income, earnings, fulfilment of hopes and dreams and desires, expects, family and friends, wishes elder brother or sister, important buddies and so on.

Jupiter, Saturn: Twelfth Home indicates freedom, enlightenment, sexual joys, detention, confinement (hospitals, jails, long-term mediation and so on.) pilgrimages or even journeys to international property as well as costs: house of decrease.