Thursday, 28 August 2014

Horror Magic

We can Help you do horror magic on some one or get it lifted for you. Horror magic is one of the most dangerous type of magic as it involves involvement from the other world. Black Ghost calling rituals are thought to have included influences from Islam, Judaism and Satan worship. As in the case of the Knights Templar some of whom are thought to have converted to Islam and pagan traditions and practiced the "Ghost Commanding " after rejection by the Church, there is a consistently sexual theme in voodoo- hoodoo rites and sexual acts, sacrifices and cannibalism have been practiced. In my travels throughout Haiti, the Rada Voodoo rites had a strong sexual element and Voodoo priests are known to practice "Black Magic" and spell-casting. Animal sacrifices are a prominent part of Haitian Voodoo ceremonies. And in calling up spirits to appear on command. The very moment the negative energy attaches itself to the victim of your spell they will have no escape, it will lure them into dark and dangerous places and situations where they are weak and vulnerable, and give them a fatal dose of their own medicine - they will regret the day they ever wished any harm onto you.To cast this spell I will require the name, date of birth, and photo if you have one of the person you wish to cast this spell on, plus information on what you want your spell to do.

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